curated by Felix Becker

5 July – 30 August 2024

Bärbel Praun

Isabell Schulte

Ömer Faruk Kaplan

Yannick Riemer

Sophia Domagała

The term ‚meristems‘ (Meristeme) originates from botany and refers to an area of tissue in plants that is associated with their growth. Meristematic cells are undifferentiated, theoretically capable of unlimited reproduction and are transferred as primordial cells to other parts of the plant in order to develop roots, shoots, leaves or flowers. In a figurative sense, the title thus refers to the area of artistic work that represents the approximate and inexhaustible, while the creative, inventive process results in individual works of art.
The exhibition MERISTIME presents five artists from Munich, Hamburg and Berlin who systematically reflect on the medium in which they work and the materials they utilise. In photographic, painted, graphical and sculptural works, surprising references to the exhibition title become apparent. The five positions encounter each other on the levels of focus, pictorial means and reduction to essential materials, without committing themselves entirely to abstract or minimalist concepts. On the contrary, their visual worlds flourish, sprout and overlap – within their respective self-created logic.