MALEREI 1987/2023

27 January 2023 – 10 March 2023

My personal Peergroup. Malerei 1987/2023 is the third and most personal solo exhibition of the painter Herbert Warmuth (*1960 in Schweinfurt, Germany) in our gallery.

The idea for this exhibition emerged during my visit to Herbert Warmuth in his work storage room, where I discovered works, some of which date back to his student days and his early years as a freelance artist; some of them had never been seen in public before. During this visit, I was inspired by the extent to which Herbert Warmuth has remained true to his essential artistic intentions over 35 years and yet has always managed to reinvent himself. Authenticity is often cited as an essential element in evaluating an artistic work – in Herbert Warmuth’s depot, it becomes clear what this means. In recent years, Herbert Warmuth has increasingly explored the connections in content and formal terms between his various groups of works for himself in a new way.

The exhibition presents works from very different phases of his creative work, which still resonate with him till this day. They are important witnesses within his oeuvre, which together form the essence of his work.

Herbert Warmuth and I are looking forward to the upcoming exhibition with great joy and are looking forward to welcoming you at the opening.

Heike Strelow