19 January – 1 March 2024

Ulf Puder’s second exhibition in our gallery, titled ‚Räumlichkeiten‘, showcases the latest works of the painter.

In the years 2022 and 2023, Ulf Puder’s art predominantly captured the grandeur of expansive, winter-clad mountain scenes. However, a captivating shift is underway as the artist delves into the exploration of deserted structures, frequently intertwined with the rugged beauty of mountain formations. The paintings portray landscapes imbued with primal force, juxtaposed with modernist or minimally traditional residential architectures. The resulting images narrate the existential interplay between nature and culture, revealing captivating yet occasionally unsettling tensions in their coexistence.

Some works intensify this narrative through additional space-defining elements like golden spheres or gold-colored rock formations, serving as connectors between landscape and architecture. These forms, historically representing the sun or cosmic elements such as meteorites in the realm of painting, introduce further existential dimensions to the images. They simultaneously underscore the significance of form and color for Ulf Puder. In these new works, the artist continues to navigate the threshold between representational and abstract art, constructing representative images from organic and geometric, abstract forms. Combined with an atmospherically rich color palette punctuated by luminous details, architectural landscapes unfold before our eyes—familiar yet seemingly beyond space and time.