Felix Becker

Monochromatic Mud Snuffers

12 May 2022 - 25 June 2022

Drawing, painting and sculpture are the main strands of Felix Becker’s artistic practice, emerging from a recurring interplay. Structures made of wood, which the artist obtains from dismantled market crates, become independent sculptures, supports for painting or drawings in space.

The painted works, in which paint is piled on top of each other in layers, are literally modeled. Thus, the boundaries of the graphic, the painterly, and the sculptural blur into one another or dissolve altogether. In this process-oriented work, Felix Becker also integrates concrete figures and signs, such as boats, trees, animals, icons, or words.
In a sometimes humorous and absurd way, these infiltrate the material emphasis and superficial abstraction inherent in all of Felix Becker’s works. And they thus open up another level for associations and thematic links.