15 December 2018 - 26 January 2019

Wiebke Grösch / Frank Metzger

The new presentation of the Frankfurt based artist duo Wiebke Grösch and Frank Metzger at Gallery Heike Strelow is a proposition of newly produced works under the exhibition title „As easy as“. Like in their previews show „Schilf ohne Wasser“ this time as well, the aim of the conceptual duo, is not only to create objects and arrange them in space but to compose through the works a distinguished space sensibility and reality.

Three objects made of plaster that they have carefully conceptualized and produced inhabit the exhibition space. At first they seem simple and recognizable but the longer you watch them the more complicated it is to define and identify them. These hybrid forms with transitory character are both autonomous objects and supporting structures. It seems almost contradictory that these sophisticated, aesthetically appealing and very delicate plaster structures, serve to showcase almost banal objects and elements from everyday life like, a bundle of open envelopes, a plastic bottle filled with snail shells and a Zalando transport box.

Nevertheless it is through this unusual combination of elements and their aesthetic interplay that Grösch/Metzger challenge the viewers perception and stimulate the reevaluation of the relationship within the given structures.  

The ordinary objects are not of a casual choice, indeed it is the acceptance of their obvious banality that we take for granted that the artists want to highlight and display. A Zalando transport box displayed on the glass surface on top of the plaster structure—it is presented as an object with a value, while the real hand made art work produced by the artists serves to carry it.

Therefore „As easy as“ is for  Grösch/Metzger the site where the concept of boutique and exhibition merge, creating what they like their show to be perceived as: a boutique exhibition. 

Works on paper from the series „As easy as“ consisting of felt pen drawings transferred with gelatin on cardboard and „Skeletons“ consisting of carbon paper imprints of fern leaves and the packageing of men’s shirts will be as well displayed. While two additional plaster sculptures lean on the walls of the gallery.

The show has a highly experimental character and while pushing the bounderies of exhibition-making, poses as well a critique on modes of exhibiting inside and outside the art system and the culture of consumption in times of online shopping.