Paper Selections
Arbeiten auf, aus und mit Papier

07 December 2019 - 25 January 2020

Felix Becker

Starsky Brines

Artjom Chepovetskyy

Björn Drenkwitz

Goekhan Erdogan

Jonny Green

Florian Heinke

Fabian Hub

Ksenija Jovišević

Mathias Kessler

Leslie Smith III

José Vivenes

Herbert Warmuth

Hendrik Zimmer

In the exhibition ‚Paper Selections‘, selected works on, from and with paper by 14 international artistic positions are shown. Curated for the first time by Heike Strelow in cooperation with the project office Strelow und Walter, the exhibition presents works from presents works by artists from England, South Africa, the USA, Serbia, Venezuela and Germany.

With this exhibition we want to show the great versatility of the theme and span the range from reduced, minimalist positions to gestural drawings and expressive, more painterly works. We appreciate the direct artistic We appreciate the direct artistic style inherent in many of the works on paper exhibited, but have also given space to exciting positions that also approach the theme of paper conceptually.

For us, the exhibition also functions as a retrospective of this year, showing artistic positions that we positions that we have discovered for ourselves this year, but also new series of works new series of works by long-time artists of the gallery and the project office.