Herbert Warmuth
1960 born in Schweinfurt, Germany
Lives and works in Frankfurt/Main

2010      lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg
              lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken
2008      juror for the Arts diplomas from the Ecole des Arts superieurs, Strasbourg (F)
2007      guest lecturer at the free academy of arts, Mannheim
2006      Helsinki internationally artist program (HIAP)
1995/96 scholarship for Paris of the Hessische Kulturstiftung
1994/95 scholarship of the hessian Ministry for science and art
1994      Förderkoje on the Art Cologne
1991      school artist of the Heinrich Kraft-school in Frankfurt am Main
1990      art price of the Frankfurter Künstlerhilfe
1982/88 Städelschule Frankfurt / Main with Th. Bayrle, J. Schreiter, B. Mc Lean, F. Droese 
              and J. Heenes, Meisterschüler

Wall pieces - art on buildings
2008  Umcka Loabo-wall work, staircase atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
2006  Visco Tears Benuron pool - mural, HIAP Studios and Gallery, Helsinki
2003  heads - wall work, Weser 5, Frankfurt am Main
          Staircases - wall works, Rudolf-Buchheim-Institute for Pharmacology, Giessen
2000  Blue towels - outdoor work, justice center Kassel, Kassel
1999  warm room, cold room - color spaces, apartment of Justus Mueller, Frankfurt am
1991  study-room Ery-diolan 2000 - House of York Förster, Frankfurt am Main

Solo exhibitions
2019  Durch und aus Farbe, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt a. M.
          Farbe aus und Durch, Kunstverein Speyer, Speyer
          Farbe aus und Farbe durch, Fensterschau XXI, Lang Suendermann Restauratoren,
          Frankfurt am Main
2011  White and a bit of Rose, Down, with Susa Templin, Perpetual Gallery, Frankfurt a. M.
2009  Object of imagination, Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow (RU)
          Heads 1988 / 2009, association of shoe shoe industry, Offenbach
          Blue and yellow, Kunstverein Giessen
2008  Flags, Thomas Rehbein Gallery, Cologne
          Cardiagutt, Atelier Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
          My shirt, etc., City and Museum Goch (catalog)
2007  Zwieling, with Martina wolf, Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
2006  the own double sense, Gallery Baer, Dresden
          Billboart Gallery Europe, Usti nad Labem (CZ)
          2:2 and not disided, Gallery Heimspiel, Frankfurt am Main
2005  with Karsten Konrad, Galerie Thomas Rehbein, Cologne
          with Johannes Spehr, gallery Doppelzimmer, Giessen
2004  seams, folds, cabinets, Oberfinanzdirektion, main finance office, Frankfurt am Main
2003  wallpaintings, Rudolf Buchheim institute for pharmacology, Giessen
2002/3 German Structured Finance, Frankfurt
          Showroom Konstantin Adamopoulos, Frankfurt am Main
2001  skin, with Hans Hemmert, gallery deer leg, Cologne
2000  flags - pictures and the red mobile, Kunstverein Neckar Odenwald, Mosbach
          Flag paintings, gallery Thomas Rehbein, Cologne
          Flags, Mickis, wash basin, medicine packing, Kunstverein Schwäbisch Gmünd
1998  my beautiful garden, Konstantin Adamopoulos, Frankfurt am Main (Catalog)
1997  gallery Schütz, Frankfurt am Main
1996  trapeaux, Cité international, Paris (F)
          Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
1995  Juxtaposed, with E. Rawls, museum Kruithuis, s `Hertogenbosch (NL)
1994  gallery contactor, Frankfurt am Main
          Förderkoje, Art Cologne with gallery Schütz
          with Kurt Hoffmann, Ausstellungshalle Zoo, Frankfurt A.M. (Catalog)
          gallery Schütz, Frankfurt am Main
          with Neo Rauch, Dresdener Bank AG, Frankfurt am main(Catalog)
1992  study Ery Diolan 200, Frankfurt am Main
1991  school artists, Heinrich Kraftschool, Frankfurt am Main
          Heads, ein Fries im Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurt am Main (Catalog)
1990  forum Frankfurter Sparkasse, Frankfurt am Main (Catalog)
1989  gallery Patio, Neu Isenburg (catalog)
1988  gallery “Happy B ”, Mainz

Group shows
2019  Paper Selections, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main
2015  sexy, Herbert Warmuth und Margot Seiler,  Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt am Main
          This will not be here tomorrow, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main
2014  Flinzer, Malcom-Smith. Warmuth, Thomas Rehbein Galerie, Cologne
2013  Painting after Painting, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main
2011  Möbelkaiser, Kaiser Passage, Frankfurt am Main
          Mamamamalerei/Papapapainting, New Art Association Regensburg
          Insights - ten years collecting in Goch, Goch Museum
          CWO, opening frankfurt am Main
2010  IRIS, the invention of color, Congress Hall of Giessen
          Mamamamalerei/Papapapainting, German Finance Structures, Frankfurt am Main
          From flags, paint bombs, and fixingsel, Motorenhalle, Dresden
          First Review, CAC Bretigny (F)
          ... From Frankfurt to Frankfurt, 20 years Aritist in Residence - Program of the City of
          Frankfurt, Atelier Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
          Vestry, Günter Burg Allee 123, Frankfurt am Main
2009  after 45 German Art, Art Gallery of Schweinfurt (catalog)
2008  true colors, Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg (catalog)
2006  bushido, Frankfurt am Main
          Kutsu, HIAP of Studios, Helsinki (FI)
2005  Leitsysteme Motorenhalle, Dresden
2004  Viagra, installative painting with medicine packing, Artforum Berlin,
          gallery Th. Rehbein, Berlin
          Tear liquid ”, installative painting with medicine packings, Art Brussels,
          gallery Thomas Rehbein, Brüssel, (BE)
2003  Buon giorno, Casanova!, Duchcov, (CZ/catalog)
          MAKE IT NEW ONE, Portikus in co-operation with Dresdener Bank, Kleinwort
          Wasserstein, Frankfurt am Main
          Volatile solidification, Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt am Main(catalog)
          6. Scheune, Karlstadt/Gambach
2001  Frankfurter Kreuz, Schirn, Frankfurt am Main (catalog)
          First Review, gallery vier5, Frankfurt am Main
          Skin, in the depth of the surface, with Hans Hemmert and Heinrich Lüber,
          Dominikanerkloster, Frankfurt am Main
1999  roulette, showroom of Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart
          Four Painters from Frankfurt, artspace, London (GB)
          visit from Frankfurt, gallery Ralf Zschorn, Dresden
          Gallery Lauter, Mannheim
          Erstling, leather museum, Offenbach(catalog)
          Art Frankfurt, gallery Thomas Rehbein and Konstantin Adamopoulos
1998  1. Scheune, Karlstadt/Gambach
1997  the abstract, gallery Thomas Rehbein, Köln
          Loops, super U/gallery Brasilica, Vienna (A)
          Laboratory Pop, WBK, Essen (Catalog)
1996  Cité international des arts, Paris (F)
1995  Art Cologne, gallery Schütz
          Townscape, Frankfurt A.M. (Catalog)
          Dairy farming, Munich, Passau, Stein (CH), Hanover
1994  Art Cologne, gallery Schütz
          Again and again luck, gallery Zörnig and Mock, Hannover
          The WM-Studio, project gallery, dear field (CH)
          Art Frankfurt, gallery Schütz and special exhibition: Deutsche Bank (catalog)
          Contemporary art in the Deutsche Bank. The Trianon skysscraper, Frankfurt
          am Main (catalog)
1993  Art Frankfurt, gallery Schütz
          Art Cologne, gallery Schütz
          Estate A Francoforte, gallery Schütz, Frankfurt am Main
1992  Tiefgang, Mannheim (catalog)
          Art in Frankfurt 1992 - medium drawing, Frankfurter Kunstverein in the
          Jahrhunderthalle Höchst (catalog)
          Art AID, Frankfurt A.M. (catalog)
1991  art price 1990, gallery ak, Frankfurt A.M. (catalog)
1989  dread out, Karmeliterkloster, Frankfurt A.M. (catalog)
1986  with paper, Reinhold Kurtz-price, forum Stadtsparkasse, Frankfurt am Main
          Greetings from Offenbach, Heine - factory, Offenbach
1985  fourteen too briefly, Würzburg (catalog)

Works in public collections
Sammlung Städel Musuem
Kunsthalle Schweinfurt
Museum Goch, Goch
Stadt Frankfurt
Land Hessen
Hessische Kulturstiftung
Deutsche Bank
Dresdner Bank
Deutsche Structured Finance
Nassauische Sparkasse
Landesbank Hessen/Thüringen
Sammlung Randstad