Essential Reduction
with Strelow und Walter Kunst GbR
Felix Becker, Monika Brandmeier, Katrin Bremermann, Artjom Chepovetskyy, Goekhan Erdogan, Irene Grau, Oliver Gröne, India-Serena, Rafael Rangel, Mathias Kessler, Regine Schumann, Minh Dung Vu, Herbert Warmuth, Winter/Hoerbelt
Opening: 13th November 2020, 2 - 9pm
               14th November 2020, 11am - 6pm
Exibition Period: 14th November 2020 - 30th January 2021

Private Views
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“Essential Reduction" focuses on the power and poetry that lies in concentrating on its essence.

Whether intended or desired or not, we are in a time where reduction plays a central role. But reduction does not only mean renunciation, rather it has its own power and poetry. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this insight has encouraged many artists to concentrate on essential questions in their work, and in both modern and contemporary art movements, the concept of reduction has had a key role.

The artists of the exhibition "Essential Reduction" illustrate the astonishingly broad spectrum of this concept, which spans vocabularies of colors and forms to social discourses. Today, reduction is mostly understood as the concept of Minimalism. However, the practices of the artists represented in this exhibition is to be understood in the context of a post-minimalist discourse. "Essential Reduction" combines works that propose reduced aesthetic approaches but also go beyond the literal readability of minimalism, not only permitting levels of association again, but actually demanding them. At the same time, some of the artists raise exciting questions about the limits of art.