Mathias Kessler, Disasters of Climate Change (I), 2019, Laser cutter burned bitmap image into standard graphic paper, 56 x 76 cm

Across sculpture, photography, computer-generated landscape, installation, and performance

The work of Mathias Kessler critiques and reimagines the concept of nature by questioning man’s position in nature’s cycles. Quoting from art history, philosophy and eco-political debates, Kessler re-stages representations of natural processes with humor and gravitas. Romantic painting, land art and digital renderings compete and collide in order to unhinge familiar oppositions such as nature/culture; representation/experience; ideology/aesthetics. Arctic icebergs dramatized by cinematic lighting techniques become empty Hollywood sets; a human skull embedded with live corals flourishes as it decays; a miniature 3D print depicting Caspar David Friedrich’s painting Das Eismeer housed within a beer fridge produces an interactive social sculpture. Kessler’s contribution to current utopian and dystopian debates is at once intelligent, grave, comic and visually stunning.