Durch und aus Farbe
Opening Reception: 25. October 2019, 7 pm
Exhibition Duration: 26. October – 30. November 2019

The exhibition “Durch und aus Farbe” from Herbert Warmuth focuses on the works of his Plexiglas series, with which he explores "how far one can go with painting without leaving it" (Thomas Wagner).
Already his first Plexiglas paintings from 1994, which were created in the context of his flag paintings, and some of which we present in the exhibition, explore the limits of painting. But in his current works, Warmuth literally breaks through the carrier. Here, colour is applied to the back of the plexiglass in several, partly multi-colored layers, but at the same time colour penetrates through the slits and rises "above the surface and thus crosses the dimension that holds it captive". The result is a delightful interplay between the colour behind the plexiglass and the material colour, which is pushed forward. Through and out of colour: the title of the exhibition is also the programme.

For Warmuth, the challenge is to balance his works in such a way that, despite the fractures in the surfaces, the inclusion of reflection, which brings the viewer and the world into the picture and the contrast of the surface lustre to the actual colour that penetrates through the pane as material and reality, they do not leave the boundaries of painting to become objects or to occupy the space.
This also holds true to his composite paintings, which can be seen in addition to the Plexiglas works in the exhibition.  In these works, whose division of surfaces is reminiscent of flags, Warmuth combines the most diverse conceptual ideas of painting with one another. These pictures playfully and with a great lightness combine questions about the sensual and emotional effect of color with the conceptual idea of color as material and the theme "painting as representation of illusion". At the same time, with his works consisting of different materials, he also addresses the object-like qualities of the paintings and its relationship to the wall.

Herbert Warmuth, who studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, taught painting at the Goethe University in Frankfurt for years. During his long-lasting artistic career, he was able to exhibit his works in Europe and the USA, and place them in public and private collections, such as the collection of the Städelmuseum Frankfurt, the collection of the State of Hesse, the collection of the Hessian Cultural Foundation, the collections of the Deutsche Bank, the Dresdner Bank, the Dr. B. Brunn Collection, and the Kaspar König Collection, to name a few.