With Khaled Barakeh, Viola Bittl, Christoph Esser, Young Joo Lee, Att Poomtangon, Lena Ditlman
Curated by Adela Demetja

The group exhibition “Titled” brings together six emerging artistic positions. All the exhibiting artists, apart from having in common the connection with the city of Frankfurt, share - in their practice - an analogous aesthetic articulation.  By using a variety of mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, video and installation the exhibited works propose a similar approach of apprehending the political nature of aesthetic representation. Though some of the works are abstract representations, other ones figurative and some of them explicit, they all share one common attribute; that of creating a space where questioning the given becomes possible. As Jaques Rancière argues in The Politics of Aesthetics, a dispute over what is given and the frame within which we sense something is given - generating dissensus - is for him the core of the politics. As a result of the controversial aesthetic regime of art, which for Rancière consists on the tension and confusion between autonomy and heteronomy, the selected artworks inherit this conflict, producing elements capable of speaking twice: from their readability and from their unreadability.
For Rancière, esthetics enables the freedom in judgment, suggesting the politics, where questions how the world is organized emerge, opening up possibilities of changing and redistributing the same world.
The starting point for the exhibited artworks are the personal realities, situations, and relationships of the artists. Issues and struggles driven by the reality contribute to their artistic creation. Although at times the final artwork is transformed and translated in a way that its distance to reality is enormous, essential elements remain inherited in the work, enabling to retrace and reread those initial conditions from an universal point of view.
The artistic practice of these artists is mainly a conscious process of identifying, analyzing, understanding and depicting, resulting in compact and elaborated artworks, naming and visualizing a specific reality or condition, a process from where the exhibition takes its title.
The core of the exhibition and its artworks are the inter-human relations and the human correlation with the environment in the present.

Adela Demetja