Winter / Hoerbelt
“Von Turen und Ionen”
8. September - 20. October 2018

At this year’s Frankfurt Gallery Season Start, Winter / Hoerbelt will be showing a selection of new sculptures
and installations under the cryptic title “Von Turen und Ionen”, some of which also refer to and elaborate
current large-scale outdoor projects. This time again for the newly produced works, the artists reuse
everyday materials and objects and by transform their context make them accessible in a modified way.

Recently they have also made use of more traditional sculpting materials and have been using techniques
that they have been familiar with for a long time. In this exhibition some wall and floor works made of
particular folded and polished stainless steel will be on display, whose shapes are in turn reminiscences of
everyday life. It is precisely these objects reflecting the surroundings that make it clear that Winter / Hoerbelt
are also concerned with physical and space-related interactions with the recipient. Through changing
lighting conditions, but above all through the movement of the recipient in space, these pixelated objects
permanently change their surfaces and thus enter into a dialogue with the viewer.

Winter / Hoerbelt understand their works as autonomous sculptures, which nevertheless offer partly
possibilities of physical contact. The open readability of their works is particularly important to them, as
this enables unrestricted levels of association and references to the viewer’s individual reality. Thus, the
new works underline that Winter / Hoerbelt continue to see sculpture as the medium with the greatest
reference to reality.

Winter/Hörbelt: Die Grosse Illusion
28.09.2018 — 17.03.2019
Frankfurter Kunstverein

On the occasion of the opening of Frankfurt’s Old Town on 28/29 September 2018, the two artists are
installing a large-format, reflective sculpture entitled “The Great Illusion” on the roof of the Frankfurter
Kunstverein, directly above the new entrance, which will enter into a dialogue with the newly reconstructed
architectural environment during a period of six months. Together with the building of the Kunstverein,
now the oldest building in Frankfurt’s Old Town, the sculpture in the tradition of modernity forms an
exciting counterpart to the new historicising ensemble. The reconstructed facades are dissolved in the
reflection. With its uncertain refractions, the sculpture questions the relationship between reality and
illusion, but also the desire for identity and security.

From 15 September 2018 accompanying the Pink Floyd exhibition in Dortmund, a light sculpture installation
by the two artists will be on display on the terrace of the Dortmunder Union - building entitled
“Leuchten E3-53628, geziegelt”. Five sculptural maquettes will be on display in our gallery. In Dortmund,
several, approximately seven-metre-high structures made of a pedestal of metal poles will also carry beehive-
like, internally illuminated light sculptures made of red car rear light covers.

Winter / Hoerbelt, which have been working together for over 25 years, have shown their works at the
Venice Biennale, the Skulpturenprojekte Münster, the Yokohama Triennale and the Liverpool Biennale,
among others, and have realized over 80 works in public spaces worldwide. Lastly they produced, two
large works in the new landscape park of the University of Cambridge, but also here in the region the
large walk-in sculpture “The Blue Crane” in the harbour of Offenbach, the 18-metre-high wall relief
“Vertieft-Erhaben” in the Central Administration Building of the city of Frankfurt and the 8 x 8-metre
landscape sculpture “Lindenbaum, framed” in a field near Oberursel. Another large-scale inlay floor work,
the “Hickelkasten”, is currently under construction for the new building of the German Institute for Educational
Research in Frankfurt.