A degree in Political Sciences and International Relations


Remembering in Form, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt, Germany
Memories of a Dreamwalker, Liva @ Tulla Culture Center, Tirana, Albania
Liquid Music, Live at Kinisi Festival, Santorini, Greece
Muzgu I Rikthimit (The Twilight of Returning), at Miza Gallery
Intimate Sound Perceptions, The National History Museum of Albania
Poesia Carnosa Festival
MainOFF Festival representing the italian label Nostress Netlabel, Palermo, Italy
Live Performance Monolith Prism, Commissioned by the National Academy of Arts
Live Performance at Poesia Carnosa Festival at Trenta Formiche Contemporary Art Center, Rom, Italy
Metamorphic Narratives, Live at Uncharted Festival, in Porto Palermo Castle, Himare, Albania
Live @ The pyramid, Tirana, Albania
Live at To Be continued 2013
17 Min without 1020 Sec, Tirana Ekspres Center 2013
Fragile Limits, the National History Museum, Tirana
Music Releases
By Nostress Netlabel, Batenim Netlabel, Ozky E-sound, Irregular Crates, Midnight Radio, IFAR Label, Unexplained Sounds Group,, Music Numbers, Petroglyph Records
Aria, by Nostress Netlabel, Italy
Métamorphose Irréversible,  Sonospace, UK
Entrant (variations pour une orchestre électronique)
Shell, by Nostress Netlabel, Italy
Ajóre, by Batenim Netlabel, Italy
Ilir Lluka & Jonida Prifti: RES, by Ozky E-sound, Italy
Wet Seashell, Live at MainOff Festival, by Nostress Netlabel, Italy
Eastern Europe Experimental Underground 015 Survey, Various Artists: Eastern Europe, Experimental Underground 015 Survey, Curated by Sonologyst, Published by Unexplained Sounds Group
Unexplained Sounds Group: The First Annual Report, Various Artists: Unexplained Sounds Group - The First Annual Report, Curated by Sonologyst, Published by
Unexplained Sounds Group
The Geometric Universe of Sound Waves, Various Artists: NNv4 The Geometric Universe of Sound Waves, Released by Nostress Netlabel for their 4th anniversary, Italy
Ozky E-sound 100 Release Compilation, Anarchist Act by VV.AA, Various Artists: Ozky E-sound 100 Release, Anarchist Act by VV.AA, Released on Ozky E-sound Netlabel
nx2015-12 (December CC Electronic Music Compilation, Various Artists: December CC Electronic Music Compilation 2015, Released by Music Numbers Netlabel, Spain
Various Artists: Malmusic Table, Released by Institute For Alien Research label
Midnight Radio Compilation 27, Various Artists: Midnight Radio Compilation 27, Released by Midnight Radio Netlabel, Berlin, German
Petroglyph: The Xmas Compilation 2015, Various Artists, Released by Petroglyph Records, Norway